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Street Parking in Woluwe


Hi All,
I'm coming to stay in Brussels for a couple weeks, but I need to bring my Car. I have a couple accommodation options - one in Woluwe saint Lambert and one in Woluwe Saint Pierre, but being unfamiliar with Brussels, I'm worried I will struggle to find somewhere to park my car. Does anyone know the policies in these two areas with regards to parking on the street? Is it free? and if so always free, or only certain times of the day?

Many Thanks for any advice!


Both Woluwes have parking restrictions but honestly it changes street by street - you'd need an exact address to work out the restriction. The commune websites usually have maps outlining which restrictions apply where.

Mar 15, 2017 17:03

In Woluwe St Pierre, you can get a temporary visitors parking permit:
no doubt there is a similar card for WSL

Mar 16, 2017 09:19