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Stray Cat


Hi all,

We have been feeding a young stray cat for the last few months and wanted some clarification on what one needs to do to adopt it as it seems a neighbour is thinking the same because the cat turned up with a collar around it's neck today and has is now more scared of humans than it was a few days ago.

Is it true that if we took it to a vet the vet would have to hold on to it for two weeks and I have to report it to the police and even then I wouldn't be guaranteed to be able to adopt it?


I should add that it is definitely a stray, it has been around for months. We only started feeding it to stop it tearing apart our bins all the time.
The poor thing was nothing but bones and if it is actually someones cat then they should be ashamed of themselves and reported for animal cruelty.

Like I said someone else has clearly had the same idea but we have spent the whole time gaining it's trust and now they have scared out of it's wits just to put a little bell around it's neck.

Nov 4, 2012 01:39