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Store recommendations for home renovations


Hi all,

We are about to start renovating our house and are looking for the best places to buy tiles, wood flooring, and doors. Do you have any recommendations with good price/quality ratio? I've heard it's better to go to Germany but don't have any specific shops.


I bought most of my stuff from the U.K. The Park Farm Industrial Estate in Folkstone is one stop on the motorway from the Channel Tunnel. Exit 13 on the M20.

Just on paint alone, you can save a fortune. Branded paints such as Dulux can be ridiculously cheap in the U.K. Often less than half the price of what you'd pay here in Belgium.

When I renovated my place 10 years ago, I hired a van and brought back flooring, doors, a bath, kitchen cabinets etc. etc. Even with the van hire, one night at a local hotel, petrol and the cost of the Chunnel each way, I think I still saved well in excess of €1,000.

Just a few of the shops there: (Used to be Homebase)

On electrical stuff you can buy switches and cabling in the U.K., but then buy pugs and sockets here.

I didn't really buy any plumbing stuff as I don't do that myself, so left that to my local plumber.

Also - you should know that in Belgium, of you get renovation work done on a house that is more than 15 years old, and use a VAT registered company, they can do the work at a reduced VAT rate. You should consider that when you are looking at quotes etc. and thinking about doing it yourself vs hiring in someone.

Jul 2, 2018 16:53

Try Le Roy Merlin - Roncq branch (just across the border in France). htps://
The summer sales have started, so you could get a reduced/better price for what you want to buy. We purchased paint, paint brushes, loft insulation, electricity cables (plus many other items) which was (and still is) a lot cheaper compared to most of the shop prices in Belgium.
We returned with more than half of our budget allowance.

Jul 2, 2018 18:02