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Store for baby stuff 2nd hand(Waterloo?)



I've heard or read an article some time ago about this store where you can find all sorts of baby stuff 2nd hand(including beds, stollers, clothes). I think it was in Waterloo and it mentioned that it collected only good quality items.
Has someone heard of this store? Ifyes can you tell me the name as I can't find it back.


Hi Malina, I am actually based in Waterloo and I have got loads of high quality baby items on sale, most of the clothes never used. I have created that site to make it easier There has been a huge demand, but the items remaining in the album are still available. I hope that can help.

Aug 20, 2014 10:50

Hi the bct nearly new sale runs twice a year and is a good place to pick up, items check out for dates. It's open to none members and members.theres a small fee for entry but get there before opening to get the bargains.

Aug 20, 2014 12:30

By which I mean stand in the wye because the good items go fast

Aug 20, 2014 12:31

its in Braine L'Alleud near Waterloo

Aug 20, 2014 14:50

Hey Zofia,

I'm interested in some of the stuff. Can you give me a short mail at so we can continue the discussion?

Many thanks

Aug 22, 2014 13:52


This is the one I was looking for! Thanks!

Aug 22, 2014 13:53