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Stolen package at the post office?


I ordered a rather expensive package from a UK website and gave my home address for delivery (regular mail, recorded delivery). I got a little slip in my letterbox on Friday telling me it had arrived at my local post office and I went to collect it - but after about 20 minutes of looking they couldn't find it and asked me to come back on Monday. I did, now only to speak to a new person who couldn't find it either. I gave my phone number and was told I would be called back yesterday, but still haven't heard anything. What to do? Am I being paranoid to suspect someone might have stolen it?

From the archives

It's hardly paranoid to think it might have been stolen, of course it might. Thing is,while you can ask your local PO to find it, it should be the senders issue, not yours. Give it a few days to see if they can find the item then let the sender know if the goods have not arrived.

Sep 6, 2011 13:58