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STIB / SNCB : integrated ticketing?


I need to take a train from brussels centrale to brussels airport but need to take a tram with STIB before this journey. could anyone tell me whether the train ticket will cover my journey with tram or do I need two seperate tickets? thank you.


I'm pretty sure it's 2 tickets for a one-off journey. 

A single tram ticket is 1,60, 1,80 or 2,00 euro depending on how you pay, if you do regular single trips, you can buy a 10 ticket card costing either 11,20 (mobib) or 12,50 (paper) bringing the individual price down to 1,12 or 1,25 euro.


A single train ticket to the airport for 26-59 year old is 5,20, again if you do this journey 10 times in 6 months, a 10 ticket card costs 20 euro, so 2 euro per journey. The train costs more along this line as there is a subsidy for the new train link being built to the Antwerp line.

Nov 19, 2011 16:06