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STIB personnel to more frequently take self-defence classes

16:53 05/08/2019

Brussels transport authority STIB has announced a series of additional security measures following a meeting between management and trade unionists on Thursday.

STIB security officers will from now on patrol in groups of three instead of two and they’ll more frequently go on self-defence trainings.

The measures are meant to help staff of the local transport company better respond to passengers who become violent, something that happens approximately three times a week.

“Together with labour unions and the police, STIB is doing everything it can to ensure that personnel members can safely do their jobs,” STIB spokesperson Guy Sablon told Bruzz.

STIB trade unionists have repeatedly asked management to allow them to use pepper spray during checks. That demand wasn’t met during the Thursday meeting because this would require legislative changes as use of pepper sprays isn’t currently allowed in Belgium.

STIB will also hire two additional staff members in the short term, and more recruitments are to follow.

The transport authority is also exploring whether it can issue fines that don’t mention the name of the officer who issued the fine. Various STIB personnel members have complained about harassment on social media after issuing fines to travellers.

Photo: Belga / Paul-Henri Verlooy

Written by Linda A. Thompson


Frank Lee

Pepper spray in an enclosed space (vehicle or station) would affect many passengers, not just the offending one.

Aug 7, 2019 18:06

why cant they use tasers?that way you don't intoxicate the whole station with pepper spray.

Aug 9, 2019 13:16