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Hi, getting marrried and my intended has children from prevouis marriage. My question is what are my responsibilities as a step-parent ? Legally speaking.



Sep 25, 2018 20:07

jdb, if you're asking these sorts of questions, are you really ready to get married? There are all sorts of responsibilities you acquire when you get married to someone, financial, legal and moral.

You have already asked on here about getting a maritial agreement and everyone suggested that you go and see a notaire. Have you done that yet?

You are about to get married to someone who doesn't yet live in Belgium, who has children, who doesn't want to register at the commune, who wants you to get a pre-maritial agreement, whose legal immigration status in Belgium will be questionable, and a lot more. All of these things raise a lot of red flags.

Please - before you get yourself in a major problem, get some proper legal advice from a notaire.

Sep 26, 2018 10:12

As you probably want a little more information than Shortof's reply, you can see a translated version of the "Ligue des Famille" page on step-parents here:

Sep 26, 2018 10:13

That long article can be easily summed up as "a step parent has no legal rights over a child of another parent as they are not the parent".

Plenty of rights / responsibilities towards your spouse.

Sep 26, 2018 21:33

If you don't know which responsibilities are going to come with marriage (you mention the step-kids, but not your own kids?) then you need to seriously consider what you're doing - is this actually a marriage of convenience? As from some posts it looks that way.

If the questions are serious, then it sounds like you really need to start talking to an advisor, CPAS, whatver

However JDB - you seem to have something new every couple of weeks:
- debt management,
- public services screwing you around
- your former partner / your current partner
- spouse not living in Belgium, spouse living in Belgium
- pre-nup
- financial arrangements
- leaving one apartment with no clue what to do
- your eye on 2 apartments, one on the coast (expensive!), this DESPITE apparent debt issues
- Now it's parental responsibilities

Are you someone that constantly needs to surround themselves with drama or create drama from nothing, or is this all an elaborate social experiment that you're carrying out on us?

Sep 28, 2018 14:17