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Staff and trainers at at gyms not required to be vaccinated


While I, as a member of a gym have to use my European Covid pass to enter the gym, the staff and trainers are not required to be vaccinated.
Especially in the case of trainers, who work closely with members, it would seen more than prudent for them to be vaccinated. MY wife's trainer said that he did to need to be vaccinated because he had had Covid 18 months ago and was immune. He offered no proof. Needless to say, she dropped him as a trainer, although he refused to return the money she had advanced.


Indeed, it's ironical ! Probably same applies to restaurant / bar owners ? Not sure what the regulations say, or indeed if anything would be stipulated in the "protocol" that such professions are supposed to follow, but I too find it unacceptable and scandalous.

Jan 6, 2022 13:41

And your question is .............................. ?

Jan 7, 2022 14:41