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Spouse Visa after Marrying a Belgian PR holder F+ card


I'm Indian and my fiance is an Indian on a F+ card (Permanent Resident) in Belgium. He's been living and working there for 10 years. We want to get married ASAP and I want to move to Belgium on a Spouse dependent visa. However, he is also considering applying for Citizenship in Belgium after which my moving to Belgium will be easier and quicker.
Can someone please guide me how many months' process it is if we get married now, until I can go to Belgium to live with my partner on a Souse visa? Also if you have any other better suggestions with regards to the process of getting married in India and moving to Belgium, please advise.
Many thanks


I am an Indian I am living in Belgium with my husband who is a Belgian. I got my family reunion visa almost a year ago. We got married in India. We apostilled the marriage certificate so that it can be accepted by Belgium immigration. I applied for my dependent visa through VFS. They are a very good agency in India. It took me four months to get the visa with the right documents. It was the third time I got my visa after getting rejected two times; Don't worry!If you make sure you have all the relevant documents you will get in the first attempt. Please make sure you do the search before applying for the visa.If you want to get married in Belgium I am not sure what is the procedure. In India, I have seen people going to many local agencies for applying for the visa and end up paying a huge amount as visa fee. Let me tell you that the Belgium embassy accepts the visa application form only through very few agents. VFS is one of them. They are located in almost all the cities in India. I applied through VFS Mumbai. Since the consulate of Belgium is in Mumbai the processing is a lot quicker. I don't know from which city are you from so please check in the website of VFS to choose the centre near your city. I wish you good luck.

Sep 27, 2017 13:35