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We are non european citizens but planning on settling down here due to my husbands job. Its been two years since we are here. I am planning on opening up my own business and hoping to get my sister down so we could run the business together. What are my chances in getting her here? Am I eligible to sponsor her? How should I get about it?

From the archives

Hi ,

I am not sure whether you have thought of the below yet ,
Do you have the valid documents to start your business ?
I think you need to have an unlimited Residence Permit which i doubt
you can get after just 2 years of stay.
Or is your husband selfemployed and has an sprl ? Maybe if both of you are in the same line of business he can sponsor yours and your sisters W/P.

Else you can only bring your sister on a tourist visa here for 3 months
and then she cannot work.

Aug 22, 2011 17:26