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Special tax return when leaving



So, the time has come to leave Belgium. Apparently we have to file a special tax return within 3 months of leaving.
Does anyone know if there is a legal obligation for bank/employer/sodexo/Garderie etc to provide the documents that details the expenses within the current year ? Considering the time it takes to get these documents anyway, is it actually realistic that we will be able to get them within a couple of months - I somehow doubt it. Does anybody have experience ?


You certainly don't HAVE to file a tax return, but you'd be an idiot if you didn't. Leaving Belgium three months into the financial year means that (unless you are a really high earner) you are almost certainly due a substantial tax rebate of most (if not all) of the the taxes you have paid so far this year.

Mar 27, 2021 15:14

I don’t see why it would take 3 months to get most documents, especially bank, employer and Sodexo. You can always list any other expenses with support from your bank account and say you have requested document but not received it yet and will forward when available..
Anon has already given you the best reason for making this happen.
Maybe employ an accountant to help.

Mar 29, 2021 00:05