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Soccer (Football) for kids


we are moving to Brussels next year and I have two children who play American Soccer. They are on pretty competitive teams and play year around. I was wondering, other than school, what their options will be for soccer in Brussels.
Again, looking for something that is more competitive than just a recreation league.
thank you


There are a number of local clubs and are found in all communes of the city as well as in the surrounding communes. The season lasts from end of Aug until end of May with tournaments during the holiday seasons, esp Easter and in May. The dominant language of the city clubs is French and the dominant language of those in the periphery (in Flemish Brabant) is Dutch. Further south in Walloon Brabant, the language is French. However, a significant number of players (in all three regions) speak other languages including English. Such players often live near and attend the international and European schools in and near the city. Almost all of these schools are in the east and south of the city and periphery. I don't know where you will live but I would recommend looking for clubs in the south and east. My experience is that the clubs with the largest number of English speakers are RRC Etterbeek (where I help coach and where my own kids play - boys, girls, mixed teams - south center of city), White Star (east of city - girls), FC Saint-Michel (southeast of city - mostly boys), ROFC Stockel (east of city - practically all boys), Brainois (boys and some girls (in Waterloo), FC Moorsel (boys and girls - in Flanders east of city). There are other clubs, too, but more local in flavor. The biggest and most competitive club is Anderlecht and they train in the west and north of the city (boys and girls). I can, of course, recommend my club RRC Etterbeek ( - in French and some English). Send an email and you will get a response - normally short, simple, and in French. The level of play at local teams varies from good (B team) to pretty high (A team). I can't vouch easily for the level of school play. Final note, the local international school season, if I am not mistaken, only lasts for a season such as Fall and not all year. Such kids often look for a local team but it is hard for such kids to join up in Nov., for instance, because the local clubs are already fully subscribed. Unfortunately, kids/families normally must make a choice, school or local club. The best time to register for a local club is in *March/April* when registration for following season opens and lasts through the summer and even early Fall. Clubs fill up fast, however, esp due to the recent success of the Belgian men's team. Good luck!

Aug 30, 2016 23:03

Best English speaking club for youngsters is WEZWA:

Aug 31, 2016 16:46