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SN has cancelled my reservation with no warning


Good morning! Just to warn others about SN flight: I have not taken a flight last week. Today I am supposed to go back, and I find out that SN has cancelled my reservation all together!!!
I call the customer service, the lady tells me that it is written in small letters when you buy the ticket online. When I ask her when exactly is it written, she says she already explained & hang up on me!!!
The lady was Moroccan (by the name she gave). I really try not a be rasist but it is 2nd experience in 2 day with persons from Morocco who are plain rude (the 2nd one was a taxi driver). I called SN days ago with some other question and got a perfectly nice person on the phone.
Anyway, how can SN cancell a person's flight like this with no warning at all just because I did not take the 1st flight?!!! I paid forboth! Hope you don't get into the same trap.


Terms an conditions. You often get cheap flights on the basis of taking a certain deal, which means that it can be cheaper (on paper) to buy 2 return flights with overlapping days, and only use 2 of the flights. Or a return deal might be cheaper than 1-way.
So the airlines put in a clause to prevent this, namely that if you don't take the outbound flight, they can cancel the return.
You seem to have been caught out.

Jul 11, 2012 10:49