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I know all about roaming and its abolition, but can anyone explain to me the logic (if any) of the following for a Belgian number: SMS from Belgium to any Belgian number in EU: bundle (free); SMS from any EU country (NOT Belgium) to any other EU country: bundle (free); SMS from Belgium to any EU country: int'l rate. In other words, when I (Belgian number) send to Germany, I pay; but when I am in Germany and send to any EU country, including Belgium, it's free (bundle)! Result: it's cheaper for me to send texts in the EU from any country OTHER than my home country Belgium: MADNESS! I.E.: "Roaming" in this instance is cheaper than staying home!!! There's something here that is just not right, but hey, when I travel in the EU, I'm sure not complaining!


You are 100% right. Telenet asked me to fill in a survey recently and I listed this as my biggest complaint. 30¢ per minute to call a UK mobile from Belgium. I think 4¢ pm to call UK mobile from France. I use Skype and Messenger for overseas calls now.
Got badly caught out other day calling from France to Switzerland which may be in Europe but is not in EU!

Jun 19, 2018 09:18

Some firms offer unlimited free texts to other people on their networks other wise use a internet messanger and that isnt charged as a text.
Whats app face book etc all free and you can also call on them

Jun 20, 2018 19:51