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Small company sprl accounting question


I have a small sprl design company here in Brussels......It is currently under the regime of
( Petite entreprise soumise au régime de franchise de la taxe. T.V.A. non applicable CODE TVA : l'article 56, § 2 et AR 19/ART.9 )

My current accountants charge me close to 2000 Euros for the yearly
accounts which comprise just my 12 monthly Proximus bills and maybe a couple of other receipts, It seems incredibly expensive for what should take very little time to account, thus any income that I do generate gets eaten up with the accounting charges.

First question..... as a small sprl do I need to use a professional accountant?
Second question..... if yes can anyone recommend a reasonable priced accountant that does simple sprl tax work

Super thanks in advance


A sprl must file income statement and balance sheet each year according to a certain standard. I not sure if it is a formal requirement to use an accountant to do this, but I doubt you have time to invest in learning how to organize all the data. There's other stuff your accountant does on your behalf as well. I pay more than 4000 euro per year, but I probably have much more to put down. Sounds to me like you would be better off working as "independent" then you can manage the quarterly VAT returns yourself, then get an accountant for hundred euro or so to do your tax return each year.

Jun 1, 2016 17:22

Thanks for the reply.......
Because I am in the petite enterprise regime I don't have to charge VAT, so there is no quarterly accountant costs there......its just the year end tax and company report filing costs......
basically I am paying them 2000€ to Account for maybe 15-20 invoices (company costs) of maybe 1000 Euros max.......(at the moment the company is not very active but I still want to keep it for future projects)

Jun 1, 2016 17:45

I work for a small NGO and we pay less annually for our accounting (with more volume that you have). Our accountant is:
I would contact them and check out whether you match their customer profile and ask for an offer.

Jun 1, 2016 18:44

Hi Sophia,
Thanks for the reply, I will check them out

Jun 1, 2016 19:00

You definitely do not need a professional accountant.
You could look for a basic accounting program, like Ciel ( and do your accounting yourself. At years end, you just have to find a

Jun 4, 2016 15:48

As I said, at years end, you just need an accountant to fill out your taxes, which could cost you for 2 or 3 hours work. That's what I'm doing for the moment. There are other accounting programs which are more expensive but they are for more elaborate accountings (VAT, Intracom, Intrastat .....)

Jun 4, 2016 15:52

thanks, if anybody else has some more information or recommendations please comment ;-)

Jun 4, 2016 18:11
Emille B.

I am also VAT exempt , but not sprl , I do my yearly VAT myself , online it is easy and rather fault resilient , only you have to remember to do it every year before march 30 , else there might be a fine to pay.
If you copy and paste the acounting that is done now , it should noet bedificult fot a low turnover company.

Jun 8, 2016 12:25