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Slapping children in school


Does anyone know whether it is legal for school staff to slap children?
I presumed it would not be allowed but another parent suggested otherwise.


We reported it to the teacher today who showed due concern but we'll measure the response by how she follows up next week. She doesn't actually see what goes on at break time as it's the only time she's out of the room.

I fully believe that there's a member of support staff who is at least aggressive and at worst dishes out the occasional tap on the legs. And it's 100% not on, regardless of whether our daughter is on the receiving end.

For the moment I'm not going to name/shame the school. As said above by another poster this can happen anywhere and the real measure of the school will be how they deal with it.

May 10, 2013 16:16

It's not legal, but it does seem to happen on a worrying regular basis in the Belgian school systems. Of the two cases I have heard about, nothing happened to the teacher who slapped the child, despite the parents written and verbal complaints (also heard a few cases of ear tugging too). The post written by 'Ixelles Independent' above is like the stuff of nightmares - get your child the heck out of there and away from this 'angry lady' who supervises nap time - and report the woman!! The first seven years of childhood are formative and crucial, it really worth it to live this so called 'Expat' life in Belgium, if that is what your children are being subjected to.

May 10, 2013 18:23

My son was slapped, aged 2.5 for trying to take his blanket at the wrong moment. Reported it to head, school strenuously denied it, teacher never spoke to me again properly. A year later I saw myself the same teacher slap another child. Not every school, but I believe your child.

May 14, 2013 21:29