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from single glazing to double glazing


We have a house with wood windows which are single glazing. We thought about getting the windows replaced with double glazing but my husband now thinks what is really needed is to get double glazing put into the existing frames. Has anyone any experience of this and do you know any company or individual who could provide this service? The frames seem wide enough and my husband thinks its a matter of creating a second channel in the frame and fitting in a second pane of glass in that channel.

From the archives

I did exactly that with a great saving on heat and a great decrease in noise. But, the windows already had a small channel around the frame about 4 mm wide and 2 mm deep. I had the glass cut to fit into this channel, then put a bead of white good quality glue into the channel and pressed the new pane of glass onto the glue. It was quite easy due to the fact that the channel was already there. I did nine windows, some single and some larger double windows, for about 350 euros. I'm sure it paid for itself in the first year or two. The reduction in traffic noise was really significant. If you do this don't buy the glass at Brico. They are much too expensive. I can't think of the name of the shop but it's down near the Natural Science Museum and I can get the name if you need it. They cut glass any size and are relatively inexpensive. Before putting the glass in place make sure that the glass is totally clean. Once you press the new glass into place that's it. Use rubber gloves to avoid fingerprints.

Aug 23, 2011 15:49