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Similar to Etsy shop


I have just started an etsy shop, but am worried that it might not be too popular in Europe yet... I'd like to sell all over Europe and the world of course. But right now I would also like to target the UK and France. I've read about A Little Market and DaWanda in France. Any other recommendations? What about the UK? I design tableware (mostly saladsets, but also other serving utensils) that are handcrafted in Asia (limited production, very competitive price). But I also do recycling of products (into something completely different). I'm guessing the upcycle products (mostly furniture) will be a bit too large to ship, so that part is not important.

Any advice, tips, any experience is welcome!


This is only my opinion - but i think it might be a case of coal to Newcastle. The Belgians have fabulous shops like that here. However, nothing ventured ....

Nov 21, 2011 13:15