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Sick leave


I have a few questions regarding sick leave. I'm not sick and don't want to bem, it's just for a better understanding of how things work in Belgium.
Do I need to see a doctor on the first day of being sick or can I decide myself and go either back to work on the 2nd day or go and see a doctor then?
If I receive sick leave from my doctor, when do I need to hand it in? My contact from the HR department told me she needs it within 24h but I think that's very early, considering how/why I would get to the office to hand over this paper if I'm sick?
Thanks for clarification!

From the archives

My son has to get a sick note from day one - he then faxes it and gives in the original when he returns to work. I'm feelance so never ask myself for one ;-)

Sep 2, 2011 14:42