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Sibelga to install electric charging points in Brussels from next year

Illustration picture shows a public charging station for electric vehicles in Wallonia. (BELGA PHOTO BRUNO FAHY)
05:39 22/11/2021

In a bid to encourage more Brussels residents to adopt hybrid or electric vehicles, the Brussels-Capital region has set itself an ambitious target of installing 11,000 electric charging stations by 2035.

The plan is already under way, but it is too ambitious? What seems clear at this moment in time is that the pace of the rollout will have to be accelerated if the target is to be met. To increase the chances of success, Sibelga – the operator of the natural gas and electricity distribution network in the Brussels region - has been awarded the contract to install charging stations in the capital from 2022.

Sibelga has already installed a prototype charging station at its headquarters ahead of a large-scale deployment across the region. “This is an example of the terminals that we are going to install on the road,” a spokesperson said. “The terminal provides enough charge for an average length journey of a Brussels resident in the space of 30 minutes.”

Several models of terminals are being studied, some of which make it possible to optimise public space. For example, Siblega is testing one built into a streetlamp. “The goal is to limit intrusion as much as possible,” the spokesperson said. “We will install a dozen of this type in 2022.”

"It is important to already make the charging stations available, because we expect a conversion of 20 to 30% of electric vehicles by the end of 2030," added the spokesperson.

The maximum price to recharge a vehicle will be €0.50 per kw/h, with one kw/h providing five kilometres of travel.

The ultimate goal is to offer access to electric charging stations within 250 metres of where every Brussels resident lives.


Written by Nick Amies