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My order was blocked at a german web shop because the country where the credit card was issued does not match the country for the shipping address (even though the bank knows the shipping address and will verify it).

Is this a typical problem?

I'm about to give up on internet shopping in the EU because of all the various problems and barriers with improper VAT billing, insecure payment forms, and security measures so aggressive as to stop legit orders. I find it quite difficult to find merchants that have sorted these issues out.

From the archives

The problem is that if you report in correct use of your card the first thing that happens is the card company refuse to pay the retailer. Now when you look at the fact that internet retailers deal with a low margin of below 20% in general then they have to sell at least 5 items just to cover 1 item fraudulently purchased. If you were in that situation then I am sure that you would follow whatever your clearing company told you to do to reduce your risk. If they can prove that the item was sent to the card holders address then they are almost in the clear and will get paid.

Aug 22, 2011 12:38