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Shipping pet from USA


I need help with the EU Vet health certificate. Our vet in the States has never seen the EU health certificate and it comes with no directions. It's 4 pages long. Any advise about shipping a dog to Belgium would be greatly appreciated! Btw we have everything but the EU health certificate done.


Hi, I'd like to help but I'm not sure what help you need. But from what I remember from flying my dog over is I needed an approved cage. A water dispenser. Rabies shot given and blood test proving she was rabies free within the last 3 months. She needed to be treated against worms and kennel cough and needed a certificate of good health from the vet. With all proof of vaccines in her dog passport. Also, you must check with the airline what forms they need filled out as it may not be the same as what the vet fills out. Don't forget, depending on the time of year you plan to fly, some airlines will not travel with your pet due to very high or low temps. Try the websites that I posted above I found lots of info on there. Good luck!
If you are traveling from the west coast I would split the trip up in two phases. I've done the trip once from the west coast and once from the east coast. The west coast one was very stressful for her and me. Too many plane transfers and too long in a cage.

Jul 6, 2012 23:03