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Shelter for young people


I was at a railway station around Brussels recently early in the morning on my way to the pool where I met a young man. He was standing alone on the platform with a little black case. The wind and rain was sweeping across his sad and lonely face. Being a bit concerned I asked him in my best French if everything was ok, and he told me he had to leave his small town as the love he needed would never be found at home, even if his mother would never understand why he had to leave. He looked as if he had been pushed and kicked around all his life.

I gave him 20 Euro and wished him the best luck, but riding on the train afterwards I was wondering if there was some kind of organization that could help troubled boys like him that I could have referred him to?


You could have maybe informed about serve the city who seem to help many people but also how old was he was he old enough to have left home it isn't clear from what you write

Sep 18, 2017 14:24

CPAs, omcw, caw, samu social. Lots of choices.

Sep 18, 2017 21:52

I like Bronski Beat too.

Sep 19, 2017 13:40