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Sewer unclogging with pump


does anybody knows of a person that comes to your house with a pump (machine) to unblock really old problematic pipes?
I need specifically somebody that comes WITH the machine.
Many thanks!

kasseistamper and look for 'drain clearing' or something similar.

Mar 26, 2018 10:17

Kaisserstamper I think they were after recommendation.
Most people who do septic tank work would also offer this kind of service

Mar 26, 2018 13:39

I'm with KASSEISTAMPER. You want one who will come quickly, so local. They all charge a lot and generally provide the same service.

Mar 26, 2018 20:03

They all come with the machine.

Mar 28, 2018 22:31
wezembeekwanderer have always been good for deb locking drains, emptying septic tanks etc

Mar 30, 2018 11:33


You can call 02 899 22 35. It's a specialized service in unclogging, they quickly solved my problem. if you want to see their services !

May 13, 2019 15:43