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Service central heating system


Can anyone please recommend a reliable, preferably English speaking Central Heating Engineer, who can service my heating system, in Tervuren area.

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Best thing to do is contact the manufacturer of your heating system/ boiler and they will recommend someone. We have a viessmann boiler and have an annual service agreement with them with means that you have a reliable person visiting

Sep 6, 2011 13:42
my plumber

Heating problem or just need a boiler service?

Did you know since 2011 you need by law in your region you now need!

1: A Certificate ´Contrôle Périodiqué by ´Bruxelles Enviroment´, ´Air Climat Wallonie ´and ´LNE Vlaanderen ´.

2: If your boiler is over 15years old you need a certificate Diagnostique , fit for purpose PEB.

Still getting the same old plumber telling you everything is alright after years of taking your service money, not qualified, regulated or approved (by law since 2011 in all régions) only to be told when your boiler breaksdown
1:they can not attend or
2 After attending and charging they can not fix It ´call the manufacturer or install a new one!

Well now the ´Law´ is on your side!

Make sure your plumber is Agrée!

The only fully Approved and Regulated British Heating Engineer and Technician in all régions in Belgium and by all the major manufacturers.

Do not just take our word for it!...check us and check the rest...and you will find we are the Best!

Why do we do It?.....because like you we like to sleep easy at night!

And as always worldwide, skill fade is a thing of the past !

Forget the rest, choose the Best!

Oct 13, 2013 22:03