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The time is coming to decide on secondary school for our daughter.
We made some visits but would be happy to get more opinions and real impressions. Particularly we are interested to know about two schools (both in Woluwe) - quality, atmosphere, etc
1)Jean 23
2)Institut des Dames de Marie

Many thanks in advance


What are your points for these schools? You'll need at least 4 to have these in number 1 slot.
Both academic. One does Dutch immersion, other does English immersion. Look at options from 3rd to 6th.

Feb 1, 2019 19:53

These 2 schools have a good level. If you want you child to study at the university, Institut des Dames de Marie is better. This school offers only a general education that prepares students for the transition to higher education. Jean 23 offers general and also technical education that prepares students for a profession.

Feb 20, 2019 16:03


We're relocating to Brussels next year and are in the process of looking for a suitable public, french-language secondary school for my daughter. She will be 13 by the start of the school year and likely enroll in 2eme secondaire. Our concern is with her lack of Dutch/Flemish. I understand that in public francophone 2ary schools in Brussels Dutch is mandatory 2-4 hours a week (not so in Wallonia, but we don't have the option of living there).
She is very academically inclined, an excellent student, but my fear is that she simply won't have the time to catch up to the advanced level of Dutch required, flunk the subject and repeat the year. I heard horror anecdotes of 50% fail rates.
Has any one had their kid parachuting into public secondary in Brussels?
Any thoughts much appreciated
Many thanks

Aug 23, 2019 06:02