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Secondary belgian schools


Could anyone advise me about good secondaryy belgian schhols (french speaking) , preferably in  Woluwe-St-Pierre in Brussels? I am also interested about enrolling procedures, because I have heard that there are long waiting lists. My son is now studying at BICS, and I am thinking to move him fro next year, for the secondary in a belgian public school. When should I start the process?




You can find all the information you need for 2012 incriptions at the above website.  It's in French. 


Any answer as to which school is more subjective.  My daughter is in 6° primaire at Mater Dei in WSP and I'll try to continue her there in secondary.  Its a catholic school and the teaching methods are not the most progressive.  It is very structured though and this is something my daughter needs.  Any assessment of 'good' depends on your personal perspective and the needs of your child.





Oct 5, 2011 10:06