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Second hand books and DVDs


I have a lot of English language books and DVDs that I need to get rid of and I don't want to simply throw them away. Does anyone know any shop or an organisation I can give them to? I'm not looking to make money and happy to give them away free. Thank you


Pele Mele is a huge secod hand book shop on Boulevard Anspach, 1000 Brussels near Anneessens metro shop ..I know they buy for a small amount books and surely Dvds, you would not get a lot but it will solve your purpose of not throwing them away....they have an English section, which is not the case of most of the other second hand stores on that street. Google PeleMele for the address

Apr 6, 2013 19:50

You could also donate them to Oxfam in Chaussée d'Ixelles, 254 (near Place Flagey). They do have an English section, too

Apr 6, 2013 19:57


I devour english books -- once read I either swap with others interested or give to the local library

Happy to collect them as well -- but can only do at a weekend -- If that is an option for you please email me - zebedee37 at fsmail dot net

Apr 7, 2013 21:56
Amber (not verified)


I am very fond of reading English books myself... I wil be glad to pick up a couple from you ... if of course you still have them.
Let me know and we might be able to arrange a meeting.

Apr 11, 2013 11:41