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Scratchcards for responsible drivers

11:53 18/04/2013

Drivers who respect the speed limit in the Brussels-Capital Region could be rewarded with a free Win for Life scratchcard, reports Flanders News. The idea to reward responsible drivers comes from the Brussels regional secretary of state for mobility, Bruno De Lille and the cards are part of the Respect 30 & 50 campaign aimed at encouraging drivers in the capital to stick to the speed limit. De Lille told Radio 2: “On the basis of police figures we have discovered that a large number of traffic infractions happen in streets where the speed limit is set at 30kph. This is why a campaign is necessary. A lot of people think  ‘I can speed for a bit, it’s not all that bad’. However, we know that speed has a big impact on road safety and the safety of all the people of Brussels.” De Lille added that between 50 and 60 people were killed or seriously injured on the roads in Brussels each year. “Driving more slowly makes everyone a winner. A pedestrian or cyclist has a 98% chance of surviving a collision with a vehicle travelling at 30kph. This falls to 24% when the vehicle is travelling at 50kph and almost no chance at 70kph.”

Written by The Bulletin



If a cyclist is travelling at 20kmph then am i supposed to go 10 kmph as a driver? The cyclist sees the relative speed. I suggest all cyclists are limited to 10 kmph so that pedestrians hav a 99% chance of not just surviving an accidet but also being fit enough to give them some feedback.

Apr 18, 2013 13:28