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I have to relocate back to UK this summer - no choice. How on earth do I find schools for Belgian educated (French with fluent spoken English but only school taught reading and writing) for 2 children? One in going into 3rd year Belgian system, one going into 5th year Belgian system (penultimate year). Can relocate anywhere


Hi we similar but different experience we relocated in 2005 (now back). Had no choice wher we wnt due to work. Our three boys then aged 5, 7 and 11 had all educated in independant international schools here. 5 year old no worries slipped right into Class at reception. The 7 year old could read ok and write only three letter words and went into a class 2 in the UK that been reading and writting for 3 years. It was hard on him but by the age of 11 he was in top group for English and Math. We approached the school and they offered him support with spelling, most school will have some support available for children in need. The 11 year old we could only get him into failing schools so ended up paying for a private school not easy or cheap. I suggest decide where you will live contact the local education authority, asking about which schools have space but you might find these are not often the best school which get over subscribed. You do not get a choice always in the UK if a schhol you live near is already over number you have to go to tribunal and prove your child need is more than that of their peers not to have some one added. It is skewed in favour of over stressed skills and hard to do I am afraid. Sometime local village school have less stress on numbers but that means living out in the sticks. If i were you I'd get an English tutor now for the children and try and boost their literecy before, but do bear in mind all school may have recieved at some time children who not only do not read or write english but who do not speak it either so they should have a system set up to help them intergrate.

Mar 18, 2012 13:05