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Schools in la Hulpe, Genval, Ohain or Lasne


I would like to ask if somebody has experience with schools in la Hulpe,  Genval,  Ohain or Lasne. We would like to move and we saw a house that we like in ohain, rue du Gros Tienne, but we hesitate because we work near Schuman and have two small children. We think it might be better rather than to travel with them everyday by train to put them in a school near to house. Does somebody have an experience with the schools (maternal, or primary or secondary) (my children are now 1,5 and 3 years). Are there any good private/public schools. Are there some schools where they would have some EN?
I would be gratefull if somebody can share his/her experiences with living in this area in general as well from the point of view of activities for children, possibilities for children etc:
Thank you



There are lots of good schools in Lasne commune, but only primary schools, which can be an issue when it comes to moving them to secondary school as you're going to be outside the catchment area for the main secondary schools in the area.

There's a list of them all at the bottom of this page:

If you want English, your only option is the bi-lingual Montissori school on Route de Renipont.

Oct 18, 2011 12:42
Agnès CM

hello, we live in Lasne and we also have 2 children at school in Lasne.
We are very happy with Sainte Lutgarde school close to the centre of Lasne. There is also Montessouri school where our little girl was until her 7 months.
I can also give you more details for Montessouri school/English teacher if needed. The best also is to plan to visit the school.

Apr 21, 2016 12:02