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Schooling suggestions for my 2 year old


Well there are hundreds of schools in Brussels, I couldn't really make any suggestions without knowing where you plan to live? Where is work? What sort of things are you looking for in an area? Bear in mind there are playgrounds, shops, sports facilities everywhere, anything you are looking or particularly that would rule out one area and rule in another?

You do need to be very quick as most children start school at 2 1/2 or soon after and their parents enrol them the school year before. Your child could start in September 2012 and enrolments at some schools are from birth even, some were in September 2011, nearly all schools will have done their enrolments by the end of March in the French system. For the Flemish system, I think it is beginning of May for non priority children.

Feb 2, 2012 23:14