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school with small classes


Dear all,

I would like to ask you if you can recommend me maternelle school which has small classes, preferably around Woluwe st Pierre, Woluwe st Lambert, Auderghem or Etterbeeck. My daughter is in the class of 24 already for the second year and she is constantly sick, so I'm trying to find a different solution.

Thank you in advance.

With kind regards,

Petra Zaletel




Nearly all maternelles in Brussels have 24-26 in a class, if you are able to find a a school with 20 in a class, you would want to ask why? If sickness is the only reason for wanting to change school, then a smaller class is not going to solve the problem, your duaghter will mix with the whole school at recré and temps du midi, so will be coming into contact with 100 or more children during those times.

Sep 15, 2011 11:32