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School Divin Sauveur



Does any - one knows the school Divin Sauveur in Schaerbeek?


Can you please share your opinion about this place (reputations, teachers, level etc)


thank you




Is it near your home? 

Does it have garderie hours to suit?

Does it have extra-curricular activities which appeal to you?

Does it have an active parents' association?

Does it have a decent amount of off-campus visits to theatres, museums etc?

Does it have classes de ferme / ski etc which appeal to you?

Do you agree in primaire with the only option for religious instruction being Catholic? No Protestantism / Islam / Judaism / Morals

All this information should be available from the school itself, not sure if the school has a website, but might be on a school website too.


Nov 16, 2011 15:48