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My 12 year old son needs to start school in a Dutch school later this year. The school mentioned (via e-mail) that he needs to complete a 'Taalbad', but that this is not done at the school. Where can I get info as to what this 'taalbad' entails and where it is completed?

Quote: Het kan eventueel interessant zijn om hem eerst een taalbad aan te bieden.



The quote means, "It might be interesting first to offer him a 'language bath'".
I assume that they mean an 'immersion course' which will depend on his existing skill in Dutch. 'kan eventueel' - might be - implies that it not automatically essential.
All you can do is clarify things with the school. In my experience, Dutch-language schools are very well equipped to cater for pupils who have little or no existing skill with the language.

Jun 11, 2015 11:31

Hi Gustav, a "taalbad" is, as kasseistamper, mentioned above a total immersion into the language during a week or two before school starts. They are held in most flemish speaking communes around Brussels so that children who speak a different language than dutch the whole summer get back into dutch before school starts again in September. In your post you don't mention where you live but if it's in Flanders you should contact your commune to see if they organize one, otherwise in Brussels there is a two week program called Brusselbende
In my opinion, any dutch speaking day camp could be considered a "taalbad".
Again this isn't an obligation from the school, just a proposal.
Hope this helps! Good luck!

Jun 11, 2015 16:28
livin'in Leuven

And I would suggest, that if you around this i-summer, your son should attend the local speelplein run by the community. These cheap day camps will be full of local kids, maybe even some of his new classmates. It's a great way to learn Dutch by doing some fun stuff, getting to know the local kids and customs, and often bike trips to local pools and parks. Veel plezier!

Jun 12, 2015 07:29