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Saturday French Course


Does anybody know where I might find a language school which provides French courses on Saturdays?

Thanks in advance.

Qualified teach...

Yes, The "Alliance française de Bruxelles-Europe" is the best and has courses on saturday.

Otherwise, I'm a french teacher if you need some extra help.

Good luck!


Aug 18, 2013 13:15

Thank you for your reply. Do you have contact details?

Aug 18, 2013 19:12

try clicking on the link.

Also try using google and xpats search, this is a FAQ, there is more than above

Aug 19, 2013 14:59

There are a wide range of language courses run on the campuses of both the VUB and the ULB. I can't comment about the ULB but those on the VUB site certainly include some on Saturdays and I would be amazed if they are not cheaper than Alliance française de Bruxelles-Europe.

Aug 19, 2013 15:31

Hello !

As I said to someone who was also looking for french lessons during the week-end : if you really want lessons tailored to your level, and to your schedule, you can have private lessons. My wife had some with Eugénie, she's very professional and her lessons are always interesting. She uses a lot of supports like video, pictures.... (it's nice because french lessons during the week-end has to be fun!) Regarding to the quality, the prices are really reasonable. I give you her facebook profile : Bonjour Europe Eugénie.
Good Luck !

Aug 20, 2013 22:47

French teacher specialised in teaching for foreigners proposes individual or group lessons.
My method: In my lessons I apply the NLP approach. It sounds very scientific but it is actually fun! It just means that every person learns in a different way: either visual, auditory or kinesthetic. I’ll first analyse your learning profile and then adapt the programme accordingly to your personal needs and level. My lessons are very interactive using a mix of exercises, conversation, animations and games that will help you to improve your French in an effective and motivating way while having fun!
I also developed games such as weelingua ( in order to help teachers and speech therapists to animate their sessions.
Many years of experience with over more than 500 students from all nationalities.
Where: at home, at your office, or at my place
When: flexible times
Price: depends on your learning needs and the number of participants…
Note: Remember that even though my method is very efficient, the teacher can only help and guide you. The main key to your success is YOU!
Don’t hesitate to contact me for more information:
Louis Sorlat

Sep 1, 2013 14:00