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Samusocial activates heatwave plan for the homeless

14:16 17/06/2023

Brussels charity Samusocial has launched its heatwave plan to help the homeless, particularly at risk of dehydration, keep cool.

Temperatures are soaring in Belgium this week, with the first official heatwave of the year - defined as when the temperature reaches at least 25°C on five consecutive days and at least 30°C on three of these five days.

“Some people do not take the usual measures to protect themselves from the sun and the heat, go into the shade, or drink enough water,” Samusocial said.

“Our mobile aid teams travel through the city, parks and public spaces to distribute bottles of water and the map of drinking water fountains to homeless people,” the charity added.

This map, made by the non-profit organisation Infirmières de Rue, lists all the drinking water fountains in Brussels as well as the places where you can find free toilets in the capital.

Samusocial also spreads the word about preventative measures that should be taken in hot weather.

“Our teams pay particular attention to vulnerable people (the elderly, sick or disorientated) to make sure they are hydrated and take the appropriate measures to protect themselves from the sun and the heat,” it added.

The most vulnerable people are referred to Samusocial accommodation centres where they can take shelter in the shade.

Photo: Hatim Kaghat/Belga

Written by Liz Newmark