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Is that a net per annum? As long as you don't relocate into the most expensive parts of London, you should be quite comfortable on that amount. You would get child benefit of £1752.40 from April 2012-April 2013, but you will lose that allowance on 5th April 2013 as £35k per year net is around £49k gross and that would make you a higher rate 40% tax payer so no more child benefit (if it were 2 parents earning a gross of £42k each, so £88k gross family income, ironically a family like this with a higher income will keep the child benefit in 2013).

A 3 bed house in most places is going to cost, including council tax, roughly £8-12k per year. Water and electricity / gas would be £1.5k per year. A car is however much you want to spend. Housing is obviously going to be your biggest expense, so your disposable income is going to depend crucially on where you live and how luxurious your accommodation is.

With 2 teenagers, I'd try to find a school first and housing second.

Dec 30, 2011 18:53