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Salary range ONG associate roles


Hi Xpats,
Could anyone shed light on a real salary range for a working professional looking to enter the NGO world, with 10+ years experience?
The roles I've been asked to interview for are in the NGO/health world, associate levels (non-manager role)
In another area, a Sec Gen, when pushed to discussing said 1500 netto for a "policy worker"- I balked. (that's gotta be under the min. wage, right?)
I know I should really let them say first, but when they refuse before you say yours first- it's too frustrating this game of salary-chicken!


What are your technical skills?
What is your past career history?
What sort of NGO is it (Charity?)

Feb 1, 2018 18:20

Past career is 10+ yrs in Pharma industry- and have begun career 'shift' into NGO's with a focus on Health/medicines/policy etc..A few have reached back out to me and we begin a dialogue, they are typically Belgian non-profit.

Feb 2, 2018 15:36

OK - So you know what you're worth commercially.
Just tell them your last/current salary + benefits. You're unlikely to do more, but I'd suggest that if they expect you to take anything more than 20% paycut, (or even suggest it) it's exploitation. And given that they will know it, if you were to accept a way-below-par salary for your skills and experience, you will be thoroughly miserable there. Probably under an extremely well paid CEO.

Feb 4, 2018 22:39

I agree with J, tell them what you get now. You may be changing the focus of your job but you are still targeting a sector for which your existing skills and recent experience should be very relevant. Be prepared to say that you will quickly bring added-value to the job and justify a salary close to what you earn now. After all, if you don't, they can easily and quickly get rid of you during the probationary period.

When you are evaluating what sort of (small) cut in salary you might find acceptable, don't forget that, assuming your marginal rate of income tax is 50%, the tax man will take half the hit on any reduction.

Feb 4, 2018 22:56

I appreciate the insight, however I need a figure, a range, a something!- simply b/c I know I'm being underpaid- I accepted a low salary (unknowingly) 6 years ago via an unscrupulous agency and I've been 'stuck' ever since! In addition to the fact that no one wishes to (publicly) "talk money" I'm even more "stuck"- at least this is my honest feeling.

Feb 5, 2018 10:18

"b/c I know I'm being underpaid"

Tell them what you think you should be paid.

All this "a figure, a range, a something" is irrelevant. No one here knows what your experience is and how relevant it is to the NGO concerned.

Feb 5, 2018 14:10