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I am offered a job in a pretty big company as a team lead, my package jumps almost by 40%, which means that i would come under the high income bracket. Are there other remunaration that i can negiotiate with the company insted of accpeting an offer that would put me in a higher bracket and not good for my Netto.

Thank you for your useful tips..

From the archives

We do some or all of the following for our employees:

1) Car
2) mobile phone
3) laptop
4) internet access at home
5) cable / digital / satelite TV at home
6) an allowance towards travel
7) top up Health / Hospital / Dental Insurance
8) Additional payments into pension scheme

etc. etc. There are many ways, it will all depend on the creativity of the personel department at your company, and how far they're willing to be "flexible" with the rules.

(And of course, how much you can negotiate)

Sep 5, 2011 09:04