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Saint-Josse plans new pedestrian-friendly red light area

10:10 10/07/2014

The municipality of Saint-Josse in Brussels could have a new pedestrian red light area by North station by the beginning of next year, a spokesperson for mayor Emir Kir said.

Kir commissioned a study to look at the best ways to reduce the nuisance caused by sex workers plying their trade in the area near the station. According to the study, a new zone modelled on the area in Antwerp around the mega-brothel Villa Tinto offers the best solution. That would involve a traffic-free zone comprising Rue des Plantes, Rue de Linné, Rue de la Rivière and Rue de la Prairie. Within the zone, there would also be a police office, social housing and an office of the municipal social aid agency CPAS.

The definitive conclusions of the study are expected in September. “Of course we will have to discuss the question with neighbouring municipalities Brussels-City and Schaerbeek, as well as the new regional government,” said Kir's spokesperson. “If everything goes according to plan, we can get started at the beginning of 2015.”

 Photo: Wikimedia Commons 

Written by Alan Hope



I hope all the prostitutes on Avenue Louise go to the new St. Josse area--I can tolerate a specific area where prostitutes are accepted and grouped. I cannot tolerate prostitutes standing 1-2-3 on every street corner on a major residential/business avenue beginning at 10 PM every day of the week. I am constantly apolgizing to my guests/friends/visitors when they have to dodge prostitutes at the entrance to my residential building on what could be a very nice street. Police do nothing, politicians do nothing, and the taxpayer will be pushed to the pretty suburbs.

Jul 15, 2014 01:45