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Royal stipends come with strict code of conduct

12:35 26/07/2013

The recent reform of the stipend system for members of the royal family includes a code of conduct for their recipients - Albert, Fabiola, Astrid (pictured) and Laurent, Le Soir and De Standaard report. The bill, signed by the eight political parties involved in the most recent State reform, was submitted to the commons yesterday. It stipulates that members of the royal family " can take part in public meetings or gatherings (…) as long as they are not prejudicial to the dignity and respectability of their duties or threaten their neutrality." All travels outside of the European Economic Area must also be reported to the foreign affairs minister, who may impose certain conditions, depending on political circumstances. Finally, members of the royal family must "exercise restraint in the public expression of their opinions, regardless of the circumstances or the medium involved." In case of infringement to the code of conduct, the government may, after hearing the person concerned, suggest a stipend deduction to the commons.

Written by The Bulletin



No, because the people that would judge them wouldn't be any better and would just have their own political or so preferences to put forward, which wouldn't be any better for sure !

Jul 27, 2013 13:28

I find this discussion insulting and disrespectful.

Jul 29, 2013 14:00

Yes, certainly. If royals wish to take advantage of the state stipend, then they have to respect the general terms and conditions associated with the job. The same should apply to any of the European monarchies where the public contributes to this stipend. If royals are not prepared to accept the code, then they should reject the stipend.

Jul 30, 2013 09:37