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Rock Werchter ticket?


I'd like to buy a ticket for Rock Werchter festival. Unfortunately they are sold out. Which Belgian websites should I try to buy in the secondary market?

Also a more specilised question: most tickets are probably electronic - how not to get cheated?


Are you still looking for a ticket ? I have two tickets available. My friend can no longer go and I don't want to go alone :( They are two genuine tickets and happy to prove proof of purchase etc. Thanks Emma

Jul 3, 2013 10:44

Emma - do you still have tickets available? I know someone who is desperate for them?

Jul 4, 2013 09:59

Hi Emma do you still have these tickets I am one of 30 who is the unlucky one not to have one yet?
If you know someone who has one that would be great

Jun 6, 2014 21:03

Hi EmEdwards76,

I am looking for one ticket. you can come with uus if you want :) I would need just one ticket

Jul 2, 2014 15:37