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roadworks on the route Antwerp-Eindhoven


I am flying from Eindhoven airport on Tuesday morning and thinking about driving there from Antwerp. Does anyone know of any roadworks or other delays on the route? (or any websites where I can find this information?) Should I expect traffic jams on the way around 9-10 am?
And one more question: if anyone has used the long-term car park at the airport, could you give me an idea of how safe it is (i.e. cameras or not, guarded or not)?
Many thanks in advance!

From the archives

Hi, I drove there Saturday morning. There were some road works as they are building new crash barriers, also there was a diversion, which added about 10km to my journey and slowed it down a bit. SO on Tuesday I would leave at least half an hour earlier than planned. But I always add an extra hour for travelling.. just in case. I don't know about the long term parking, check the web site or call them.

Sep 5, 2011 11:23