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road in Denmark during winter


I'm planning to drive to Frederikshavn, Denmark at Xmas time. This means we have to cross Denmark. How are the highways in winter? I have winter tyres on my car, but not snow tyres. The drive would take 10 hours under normal conditions, I guess I'll have to add a few hours to this in winter time? Thanks for any advice!


You should be fine with your winter tyres. They are usually very good at clearing the roads in Denmark. But yes, you should probably count 12 hours instead of 10. Also, I would recommend that you drive over Jutland and take the bridge rather than taking the ferry from Puttgarden. You might risk waiting a long time at the ferry since it's a busy holiday period.

Oct 28, 2013 15:58

Thank you for your reply! I drove via Jutland last time too (but was summertime)

Oct 29, 2013 14:31