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Right hand drive car


Is it a good idea to buy a right hand drive car in brussel ??(paper work ok + car pass + CT). Some of my friends told me that you will be caught in routine police control because of Right hand drive . But i think if paper work is fine then stoping will not be big deal.


Sorry it posted too soon what you would be fined for is driving a car that is registerrd out side of belgium if you reside here i know at least two seperate people know have. One had bought and registered in france at their holiday home the other was registered via the spouses company in luxemborg. Basically if you live here have id your car needs to comply to local law

Apr 4, 2018 09:41

Apparently it didnt post.
Its possible to do this if you take your car for a control technique and have local plates. When we first came we had to bring a sports model my husband had been unable to sell. Its very hard to drive safely though when puliing on or off roads at speed as your vissibilith is limited. See rest of post above

Apr 4, 2018 09:44

There is nothing to stop you from buying, registering and owning a right hand drive car in Belgium. However, it is likely to be more expensive to own and run. Insurance is likely to be more expensive (as you have a non-standard car). Also, there are a few things you'll have to change out to pass your controle technique (such as the forward light fittings which will have to be completely changed, you can't modify them). Any parts that are not symetrical / identical, such as wing mirrors for example, or any issue with the forward suspension and steering, will be harder to fix and buy parts for, and you will probably end up having to buy them mail order from the UK or go through the main dealer in Belgium to order them. etc. etc.

The resale value of your car is also likely to be significantly lower than the market as no one in Belgium will want to buy a second hand RHD car.

Also, as CC_R mentions above, you will also be higher risk to yourself and other road users.

As a temporary measure, or if you are visiting as a tourist, OK fine, but long term, no.

So to answer your question directly, "Is it a good idea to buy a right hand drive car in brussel ??", no it isn't, it's a stupid idea.

Apr 4, 2018 19:02

I'm in that boat. At the time I was expecting to go back to Ireland and could buy the car tax free, but circumstances changed and I am still here. Its fully insured (no extra cost), has local plates etc, so no 'legal' issues there. I'm kind of stuck with it now as would be very difficult to sell in Belgium.

I will have to do the controle technique this year as its now 5 years old so will have to see about the lights. I imagine I will have to spend a few hundred euro to replace them, but will try with the plastic surrounds to change the direction first and see how that goes.

Day to day driving, there is very little difference. The time you really notice it is when you have to try and overtake a bus which has stopped, as v difficult to see around it. There are some junctions where you have less visibility, but in some you have more visibility, so don't worry about that. Of course accessing garages, toll booths etc when you are driving alone is right pain in the behind!

Have never been stopped by police during a controle or anything like that so no idea how they would react. but I have all the documents so don't suppose there is any problem.

So, bottom line, if I knew I would stay in Belgium I would not have bought a RHD, but now that i'm stuck with it, I have found it to be only mildly inconveniencing. However, the CT and resale are two issues where I will have more difficulty..

Apr 5, 2018 10:36

Unless your headlights are set up for driving on the right hand side of the road you will fail the controle technique, adaptors won't do.

Apr 5, 2018 13:44

@SENNA77 Do you still want to sell your RHD? I am looking for one

Sep 3, 2018 03:55