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reward credit cards in europe?



I'm from the USA, and I have a couple of cards that give me points for my purchases which I can later cash for money, hotel stays, etc.

My wife is from Europe and she says she doesn't know of any credit cards that work like that in Europe, as she prefers to shop with her bank card and only uses her credit card for emergencies. 

I wondered if there are credit cards in Europe like in the usa that give you points/rewards for shopping with them, and if there are, which ones are they?



There are quite a few of them in the UK, but unless you're a UK resident you won't get one.

Here in Belgium, I have a BASE mastercard which provides pints that pay for my mobile phone subscription and a Photohall credit card that gives me points to save money on stuff from that shop. Both of them are free to get.

Oct 23, 2011 12:59