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Reuse of plastic


Really getting fed up with the amount of waste we produce, especially plastic (which seems so ubiquitous I'm getting to the point of wanting to lobby against its use). Whilst I'm doing my best to cut down on the amount of plastic I buy & throw away, it's not easy. I know, I know, it can be recycled but that's not the issue (recycling plants produce dioxins, for example). So I don't have to throw away whatever plastic I DO buy, can anyone tell me where I could give water bottles, yoghurt cartons, etc. for reuse (I really can't find any use for them myself). Ideally, I'd like to give them to a kindergarten/school/art school (and in Brussels, preferably).

I'm sure many of you share the same thoughts! ;-)

Thank you for all helpful responses!

From the archives

Really getting fed up with the amount of waste we produce"
Yes I agree, one of the most appalling sources of plastic waste in particular is bottled water. Why anyone would buy it is beyond me. It must be one of the most ecologically damaging product you can buy.

Sep 2, 2011 16:08