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Returning to UK - personal possessions


Hi, I used to live in Brussels till 2012 and have been resident back in the UK since 2015. I’m planning on moving my personal possessions - furniture, books, records, etc (which have been stored with a friend) back later this month. I’ll be driving a van over to pick it all up. My question: will there be any paperwork on the EU side of things to take care of? I’ll either be catching the ferry from Dunkirk/Calais or Eurotunnel. I’m aware that there are HMRC forms for UK customs that I’ll have to complete. Thanks!


No there won't.

Apr 13, 2022 23:27

yes. look it up on HMRC website. you have to fill in the details. No customs only if you moved within a year of relocating.

Apr 30, 2022 13:10